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Yosemite Group Camping


Campsite (Photo credit: bigoneep)

Yosemite group camping in the United States is popular all throughout the year. However the number of campers increases during the summer months, when younger students are on holiday. Some camp grounds allow you to explore without being burdened by camping equipment in a backpack.



Showers are only available in specific areas and campers should plan with this in mind. Most campgrounds are equipped with RV stations. It is always better to reserve a spot early. Many groups will find that the best locations usually have to be booked in advance.


Bruges Snapshot

Brugge Canal in Bruges, Belgium -Image via Wikipedia

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium

Marseille Top Tourist Attractions and Marseille Sightseeing

English: Marseille, Château d'If, as seen from...

English: Marseille, Château d’If, as seen from ferry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marseille is a true cosmopolitanism with a lively blend of life and it is also one of the oldest cities in France. This wonderful city is a true fusion of both old and new. The city is also termed as the 2nd city in France.

The city homes a renowned port that is on the Mediterranean Sea. The port has made this city a vivacious and luminous cultural melting pot. The ancient Greeks came to trade here through this port. As we all know France is renowned for its wine. It was in fact the Greeks who brought grapes to Marseilles and thus French wine industry started here. Today Marseille is the most important commercial port of the France. One of the best parts of the city is that it is ideal to be explored by foot.

Marseille homes bountiful of amusements as well as cultural attractions that would surely appeal its visitors. Some of the best examples can be its opera house, historical museums, cinemas, beautiful churches, splendid art galleries etc If history fascinates you Marseille is a perfect destination. Its historical churches and very old buildings will surely make your time worth visiting them.

Here are some of the prominent tourist attractions worth Visiting in this fascinating city.

Chateau d’If– This island fortress was built in 1524 by Francois I who used to guard Marseille from enemy and their attacks. This fortress also guarantees the supplies from sea. The fort had been transformed into a prison, by the 17th century to prison the opponents and enemies of the royal power.

Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde– It is positioned at the highest point of Marseille. It is a Romano Byzantine basilica that is entirely covered in gold leaf. The main and important attraction of this basilica is the statue of Virgin Mary that is 36 feet high on a bell tower. The church is decorated with unique colored marble and murals.

The Palais du Pharo – One of the impressive attractions of this city is the Palais du Pharo that was built by Napoleon III. It was donated to the city by Napoleon’s wife. Its stunning interior and the flourishing gardens are a treat to view. Today the palace is used as a conference and exhibition venue.

The Vieux Port– The Vieux Port is an important port that is still in use even today and is also the sight of numerous significant landmarks of Marseilles. The forts of St Nicholas and St Jean stand at the entry of the harbor and the attractive Saint Victor’s Abbey is positioned to the south of this old port.

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Canoeing on the Waters of the Yukon

Yukon River Canada

Yukon River Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bordering the American State of Alaska to its west and British Columbia to its south, trips to Yukon can truly feel like an exploration into the wild unknown. Yukon has an archaeological history that places people in North America at very early points and yet the wild, rugged aspects of the land haven’t dissipated over time. If you are keen on an active holiday you can come to Yukon and climb Mount Logan, the second highest mountain in North America. Or, if you prefer to be closer to the ground, Yukon offers excellent places to canoe. Canada boasts a plethora of waterways, lakes, rivers and streams, and Yukon is no exception. While here, you should plan to visit the stunning Kluane National Park, take a trip down the Yukon River, and spend a couple of days in the town of Dawson.

Kluane National Park

Located in the south western corner of Yukon, the Kluane National Park is an outdoor lover’s dream destination. Here you can camp, mountain bike, hike, horseback ride, boat or canoe. Canada’s Kluane National Park is also home to the world’s largest non-polar ice fields, and from the calm waters of Kathleen, Mush, and Bates lakes you can have the opportunity to see some of the wildlife that the park is so famous for. From the flat waters of the lakes, you will be able to really appreciate the silence of your surroundings and the stunning beauty of the alpine hills and mountains that roll down to the shores. The waters are very cold though, and should be treated with caution.

Taking a trip down the Yukon River

As the longest river in both the Yukon and Alaska, the Yukon River is a major waterway that winds its way across the middle of the Yukon. Each section of the Yukon River offers visitors the chance to challenge their paddling skills, in relation to their own ability and skill levels in a canoe. Canada’s Llewellyn Glacier in British Columbia is the source of the chilly Yukon River’s waters and provides a home to the many varieties of waterfowl and fish. As you cruise down the river, you will have the chance to spot some of the wildlife such as caribou, bears, and maybe even bald eagles nestled along the shore. The Yukon is a relatively smooth and easy going river, but the five finger rapids can test your ability as you navigate your way down towards Dawson.


Not only is the town of Dawson home of the world famous “Gold Rush”, it is also the perfect place to conclude your trip down the Yukon River by canoe. Canada became famous for its gold at the end of the 1800s; when the town was the seat of Yukon’s government (which has since moved to the larger Whitehorse) the population peaked at 40,000 people. Today, though, it has less than 2,000 permanent residents but is a popular tourist destination. While you are in Dawson, recuperating from all the fresh air from your Yukon River canoeing adventure, be sure to visit author Pierre Berton’s House, try your hand at panning for gold, and take solace in the Jack London Museum, if you, like London, don’t strike it rich right away.

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